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Hairy legs

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clickers123 Mon 23-Dec-13 01:23:21

Hello... My daughter aged 10 is asking to shave her legs. Admittedly, they are getting quite hairy and she feels quite self conscious about them. I've told her as its winter it's not an urgent issue. Any advice? She seems a bit young!

singarainbow Mon 23-Dec-13 01:37:29

I have a hairy 10yo DD too, but she hasn't asked about shaving. I think I started shaving quite young, and still have the scars to prove it!! If my dd was self conscious I would probably go down the removal cream first, just in case she is as careless as me!!

TheGreatHunt Mon 23-Dec-13 01:41:01

Show her how to do it properly before she steals your razors like I did! It doesn't matter if you dont think it's an issue - she does. So have a chat with her about it, find out why (eg is she being bullied/teased) and teach her whether it's razors/creams etc.

clickers123 Mon 23-Dec-13 23:11:17

Hi again... I spoke to her and she's not being teased but she and her friends were comparing leg hair. At the moment they think its slightly funny but I can imagine it will become less so very soon!

Will get some cream! Thanks for advice

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