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8 year old behavior

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Truelove2010 Thu 19-Dec-13 20:48:58

Don't know if rite place or not having really bad problems with 8 year old daughter we have tried everything to help with her behaviour like reward chats but nothing works.

No matter what you ask her to do she always says no and the stomps about shouts and screams if she doesn't get what she wants also has started to hiting things and herself when she gets frustrated when she is asked to do something or is asked a question that she doesn't like if we don't answer her with the correct tone of voice she goes crazy shouting we don't care and it doesn't matter

She has speech development which she is still attending therapy for but isn't working we thought she might have ADHD as we done the question air online as she was showing all signs but she does not show these signs in school or with anyone else just us

I am at breaking point at the moment she just had a outburst there when we were about to play a game as she new the rules and we were to listen to her way of doing it she started throwing things about her room sorry about the long post appreciate any advice.

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