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10 Year old wont sleep without me

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pandora987 Wed 18-Dec-13 16:01:13

My 10 year old DD won't go to sleep unless I'm in her bed (she has a double) Never used to be a problem as toddler / younger child . Now she is scared to go to the bathroom or upstairs by herself and cries at night for me to stay with her in bed. Its quite nice snuggling down with her and she doesn't snore like DH so its tempting just to get in and go to sleep but I just feel its not what most Mums do. Will she grow out of it or will I be cuddling up to a college student in the future?! She is a bit of an owl and goes to bed 9:30/10pm. If I leave her alone she will still be awake at 11pm. With me in with her she'll sleep by 10. Should I break the habit or is it OK just to carry on? I either get out once she's asleep or sometimes fall asleep myself and wake up at 2am in the wrong bed! Once she's asleep she doesn't wake until morning.

SundaySimmons Wed 18-Dec-13 21:44:58

My daughter still gets in with me every now and then and she's 15!

However, she has never got in with me because she has been frightened.

What is she frightened off?

Sounds like she has a fear if something which is carrying over to feeling insecure at bed time.

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