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Christmas Present for an 11 year old boy - suggestions pls

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Belo Wed 11-Dec-13 12:14:12

Just want to get a token present for a friends kid. It would be easy if he was a girl... What do 11 year old boys like? Any ideas would be much appreciated!

Sunnymeg Fri 13-Dec-13 19:49:19

I would probably guess anything to do with the game Minecraft, although you might want to check with his parents first. Amazon have some quite cheap books (from around £5) on things to do with game strategy. BHS have Minecraft tshirts around £10.

lljkk Fri 13-Dec-13 19:55:11

budget? Could get nerfgun for £8-£10.

Claybury Mon 16-Dec-13 14:37:37

Joke book, magic set, stickerbomb, Cherub books by M Muchamore ( perfect for young teen)

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