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Earning screen time

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Does anyone do earning screen time for good behaviour, chores, etc vs taking it away for bad behaviour, not doing homework, etc.

We do the latter for DS1 11 but it's not really working. His behaviour at school is deteriorating and the only thing he seems bothered about is his Xbox.


NoComet Thu 05-Dec-13 18:21:19

No way life is too short

I used to be of that opinion but I spend at least 3 afternoons a week either in school or on the phone discussing bad behaviour. I'm willing to try anything. sad

valiumredhead Sat 07-Dec-13 22:26:00

No xbox during the week as he can't concentrate on homework or anything really, it works out really well actually just playing it at weekends and during holidays.

Mobile phone needs to be put on the book shelf about 8pm so he didn't text his friends all night

He's pretty self regulating with his lap top.

Winter is hard, when it's summer he's out all the time at the park or in the garden.

NoComet Sun 08-Dec-13 00:33:51

If bad behaviour isn't just at home, but at school too, you do get to 'the something must be done' point.

Today I'd like a block on iPlayer so DD1 stops watching Dr Who and does bite size like she's meant to.

Tomorrow, I may resort to paper books only for mole revision.

I hate nagging and mocks are getting her in a tiz, but as you say there comes a point when needs must.

Very annoying as I'd far rather be lazy.

This is the problem. Although his behaviour at home has been awful, it does seem to be under control for now, and things are good. When he does misbehave we have consequences and he understands the boundaries. Things are a lot better.

The really awful behaviour is now at school. Hence good behaviour at school = x amount of time on the Xbox.

I agree about summer vs winter. Once they do after school activities it's bloody dark, so not much opportunity to chuck them outdoors.

Thanks for your responses. Does it get easier? you can lie grin

valiumredhead Sun 08-Dec-13 09:44:27

It got easier once we put the rule about no xbox in the week into place. Bizarrely there was little resistance, it was almost like now it had gone the pressure of wanting to be on it all the time was also gone.

He'll be going to high school soon, won't he? I would have that that will concentrate his mind somewhat and he'll find the teachers much stricter too.

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