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Behaviour that I cannot fathom!

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mathew03 Fri 29-Nov-13 12:24:16

My 10 year old boy to most people seems "the most polite and lovely child" but not with his mother! He can be positively foul at times (esp mornings) He seems to hate his half brother and is keen to show it. I am bringing both boys up on my own and at the moment its a struggle. I work with abused women so I am quite use to seeing unruly children but this is different.There seems no apparent reason for it.I have bought and read all the books but when he starts its very difficult to act according to the text book!! No child should speak to his mother the way he does. My mother has tried to discuss it with him but he always says he wants to forget it. Any advise? Please.

SPsWouldCatFishNev Fri 29-Nov-13 12:26:22

Oh my sister has had 2 years of this. She kicks off if siblings do much as breathe in her general direction

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