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'Sudden' start of temper tantrums at age 9

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Lincspeeps Thu 28-Nov-13 13:38:25

Hi all

Looking for a little bit of advice. Our daughter recently turned nine and in the past few months we have noticed that her mood swings have started developing a noticeable 28-day-cycle.

Most of these mood swings have been quite mild but in the past three or four months she has started having temper tantrums on quite a regular basis. Last night was the last straw when she screamed, shouted, slammed doors etc about not being able to have some crisps after dinner.

I must point out that prior to this her behaviour has been impeccable, she is very mature for her age, is intelligent and does very well at school etc etc. This is what makes the unreasonableness of her behaviour all the more difficult to comprehend and empathise with - the fact it is so out of character.

After an outburst we can talk to her about it and she is deeply ashamed of what she's done and she reverts back to the lovely child we have always known - until the next time!

She is happy at school - it's a very small class and they all seem to get on well, with very little bullying so I'd be amazed if it was that. She goes to bed at 8pm and usually reads until 9pm and then rises at 7am - is 10 hours' sleep not enough?

Any thoughts or feedback most welcome!!

AbiRoad Thu 28-Nov-13 13:44:33

Have you noticed that it happens at particular times of day? My DD 9 gets "food moods". Tends ot happen at the weekend when we are out and about so meal times are not so regular. We can spot it coming now so try to make sure she is fed!

Rollermum Thu 28-Nov-13 13:47:02

Could it be hormonal if it is a 28 day cycle? Nine is early to start periods but it is not unknown - could it be a sign of that?

A Drs visit might be helpful if that is the case?

Twitterqueen Thu 28-Nov-13 13:47:25

It could possible be the start of early menstruation if it's a 28-day cycle.
I understand that girls are starting their periods earlier and earlier now, and at 9 or 10, it's not that uncommon.

I would recommend you take her to the doctor. And I'm hesitating whether or not to say this next bit and I'm completely prepared to be told that I'm scare-mongering and talking utter rubbish, but I'm going to say it anyway..

A friend's daughter was like this at 8 - terrible terrible temper and behaving like a mega-stroppy teenager, moody, etc, just awful. She also started her periods at 8.

A year or so later they discovered a VERY SMALL, COMPLETELY BENIGN tumour on her brain, that was removed quickly and easily. Fred (her dad, not real name) told me that this moodiness and early periods were a flag that the doctors should have picked up on earlier. That's why i suggest doctors.

I'm sorry if I have alarmed you, and I have no medical knowledge whatsoever and am probably totally wrong.

sadsometimes Thu 28-Nov-13 14:50:58

Much more likely to be tiredness or something going on at school IMO. Small classes can be very intense.

HOLLYH12 Tue 10-Dec-13 20:11:47

I think hormones start to effect them long they get periods. My two nine and ten are driving me to despair at the mo.

Janacek Thu 19-Dec-13 19:14:25

My 9 yr old DS is the same. It turns out that although an able child they have been pushing hard in his set and he is exhausted. A few words at school and they have taken pressure off him and he is much happier.

DontCallMeBaby Fri 20-Dec-13 23:56:58

Hormones kick in waaay before periods start. DD is 9.9 and pretty stable so far, but she has friends who are far more moody, and one who's younger bit has described herself as 'hormonal' to her mum, poor little sausage.

Give her a massive hug and try to help her forgive herself, she's probably scaring herself silly.

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