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December birthday and films entertainment for 10 year old boy and friends

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Brighteyes27 Tue 26-Nov-13 11:08:38

Thinking of inviting four friends round one weekend afternoon for sons birthday. Thought they could watch a film of their choice (within reason-any other suggestions please-he has mentioned ELF but don't know if this would be suitable or Home Alone?) they can play xbox (but only mine craft or the FIFA one) and have a takeaway of their choice or buffet type food (one is an extremely fussy eater).
His friends and their parents are quite diverse some allow their children to play pretty much any XBOX game (even 18's) whilst others are the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Any ideas for film choices as we don't want to upset any parents but want my son to enjoy his birthday (we are probably somewhere in the middle). Alternatively he has mentioned the new Hobbit film or Thor (I know these are 12 's) our son has seen the other Hobbit/Lord of Ring films (do you think most 9 nearly 10 year olds and their parents would be ok with these)? Just thought I'd test the water here before asking sons friends parents.

Arcadian Tue 26-Nov-13 16:48:53

Elf is completely fine. I'd argue that Elf is a suitable film from birth.

As for the 12 rating... You do know 12 films are actually 12A ratings - meaning that under 12s can view with parental consent.

When the parents drop the boys off, why don't you ask them? Have a PG back up if you are really worried.

Honestly, I think you are over thinking this a bit! What does your son want to do?

Brighteyes27 Tue 26-Nov-13 21:07:00

Thanks Arcadian I have not seen ELf but the same bright spark friend who recommended TED is a fan of this film. My husband bought it when I was poorly without looking at the rating and we all sat down as a family to watch it (it lasted all of two minutes). I'll try and have a choice of a few films, food then xbox.

My DS wanted a sleep over for all his friends but they are not all free at same time/times. So this is the next best thing. Really he would just like to play XBox constantly (but we don't have enough controllers) and in his mind play 18 plus xbox war games (as one of his cooler friends is into this and this happened at another lads house in the summer). But they were fortunate in that they have a large park behind their house when things indoors became too heated and to give them a break from the screen they all went outside.

Madmog Wed 27-Nov-13 10:13:26

You could always hire 2/3 films and give them a choice. Most will probably let your son choose anyway, but that way you have a back up if they loose interest in the first film quickly. Sweets&chocolate will go down well while watching it!! Personally, I'd stick to films and games that are age appropriate.

We did a similar thing a couple of years ago when my daughter was nine as a Xmas get together with friends. On the day we had a snow blizzard, all girls arrive cold and wet, but the afternoon went off really well, so hopefully your son enjoys.

Brighteyes27 Wed 27-Nov-13 20:52:40

Thanks we have Sky movies but wanted to give them reasonable choices (vetted by ourselves) and let them decide. Was going let them choose a film give them popcorn, leave them to it (supervising from the kitchen and the other room) as majority are usually quite sensible, with proper food at the table in the other room (as more practical flooring) after the film.

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