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Sibling rivalry in 9yo twins

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duckyfuzz Wed 20-Nov-13 09:02:16

Posted here rather than multiples as its not necessarily a 'twin thing'! DTD1 is being consumed by jealousy of her twin sister.

Context - DTD1 has always been the extrovert, is academically the most able and has been 'teacher's pet' throughout school - so far. Since Sept DTD2 has suddenly found some confidence, is getting on well and is a favourite of their teacher (single form entry so in the same class) and DTD1 can't handle this at all.

We've had a chat about being pleased for her sister, pointed out the number of times she's been the one chosen to do jobs for various teachers and that if anyone else was treating her twin like she is at the moment she'd be the first to defend her. Any suggestions as to how else to snap her out of this attitude? Its really affecting everything she does!

Arcadian Wed 20-Nov-13 13:17:46

There's nothing you can do really. Time will teach the lesson.

It's always hard finding that you are no longer the best at something. Maybe have some more one on one time with her to boost her confidence at this tricky time?

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