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FedupofTurkey Mon 11-Nov-13 12:54:38

What is a good phone for a 12 year old. Samsung Galaxy Fame/Lg or nokia lumia? Want to spend £13 ish a mth capped

Tuhlulah Mon 11-Nov-13 16:04:57

My view -get the cheapest phone possible so (a) it doesn't make the child a target for mugging and (b) is cheap to replace when it's lost/stolen/broken. My techno savvy 12 year old DS has my old Nokia with alpha numerical keyboard, not smartphone. It can text and make calls and e-mails. £5 top ups maybe twice a months and Vodaphone have a thing where you can text another Vodaphone user and say 'I'm out of credit, please call.'

Other posters on here report issues with children when they get smart phones, so you could circumvent that by not buying into smartphones.

kernowal Mon 11-Nov-13 19:34:21

I'm with Tuhlulah. My 11yo has a phone with a QWERTY keypad, perfect for texting. It's too much hassle to access the internet on it or send photos. I top up £10 very so often under PAYG so if it goes missing the most she has lost if a £20 phone and £10 credit & nobody is likely to pinch it from her because they all have smart phones.

I used the excuse that her iPod Touch does everything a smart phone does without the phone, but it's less risky for her and she doesn't have need to take it to school.

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