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What time do your 9/10/11 year olds go to bed?

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moldingsunbeams Tue 15-Oct-13 21:09:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsCurly Tue 15-Oct-13 21:09:57

8.30 on a school night, a little later at weekends and holidays.

ginmakesitallok Tue 15-Oct-13 21:14:08

9(almost 10) year old dd, between 8 and 8.30 on a school night, 9 ish on Friday, Saturday.

Nusatenggara Tue 15-Oct-13 21:16:35

Mine is 11 years old and the answer is never early enough! Still procrastinating now.....

ilovepowerhoop Tue 15-Oct-13 21:18:09

dd nearly 10y - 8.30pm weeknights, 9.30pm weekends

Nicknamegrief Tue 15-Oct-13 21:19:31

In bed at 19:30, lights out between 20:30/21:00 unless we forget to remind him and he is too absorbed in his book.

Labootin Tue 15-Oct-13 21:19:57

My 11 year old is sat next to me watching the football and BBM ing his other 11 year old mates ..

Normal,bedtime though on a school night is 9 pm .. That's pretty much lights out though, quick teeth brush and bed .. He showers in the morning

On weekends it's usually nearer 11pm

LeMousquetaireAnonyme Tue 15-Oct-13 21:21:56

It all depends on what time they get up!
They need around 10h sleep.
Mine (almost 9) goes around 9 pm till 10 pm max usually wake up at 8 am at the latest so plenty of sleep. Bus is at 8h40 in front of the house.
If they need to get up at 6 am they should be in bed asleep at 8 pm. adjust as fit.

UsedToBeNDP Tue 15-Oct-13 21:22:03

11yo dd. Y7. 9pm school night. 10pm weekend.

CocktailQueen Tue 15-Oct-13 21:23:08

Dd nearly 10. 8.30-45 week nights, 9 weekends. She still wakes v early tho, 6.30 ish.

CaptainSweatPants Tue 15-Oct-13 21:23:30

9 year old ds 8.30pm

RandomMess Tue 15-Oct-13 21:23:57

Not early enough.

8 year old - bed 8.30ish lights off 8.45 but often 9pm
10 & 11 year old not long afterwards but often lights off nearer 9.30pm!!

They still get up easily for school though at 7am.

CaptainSweatPants Tue 15-Oct-13 21:24:26

He has woken up at 6.30am all his life
If he slept in at the weekend I'd let him stay up later on fri & sat nights but he doesn't !

TeenAndTween Tue 15-Oct-13 21:29:47

Lights out ~8:15. Asleep usually 8:30. Schools nights and weekends.
Woken up for school 7:40.
Usually self wakes by 8am on weekends.

ggirl Tue 15-Oct-13 21:32:16

ds 11yr school night 9pm up at 7am
weekend 10pm

omletta Tue 15-Oct-13 21:34:54

11 yr old DS - school night 9pm.

Weekend - between 10 and 11ish

mikkii Tue 15-Oct-13 21:36:10

DS (9) is supposed to go up at about 8.30 and an read, but recently it has migrated to 9. He watches a lot of documentaries and the TV schedules seem to run 8-9 (earlier than this his sisters monopolise the playroom TV ) so I tend to eat him watch until 9.

Having said that, when I read your thread title I realised it was 9.30 and he hadn't gone to bed, despite me telling him to go up at 9.15!

Later on Fridays and Saturdays.

mumofthemonsters808 Tue 15-Oct-13 21:39:31

11 year old upstairs at 8.30 with electronic devices outside the door usually asleep by 9, up at 7.Weekend 10.30.

iheartdusty Tue 15-Oct-13 21:42:16

11 y/o, supposedly 9.30pm. Has to be up at 6.30am for a 7.30 departure for school.

Generally, still in bath reading with door locked at 9.25, followed by shouting and door slamming (Oh MUM! leave me ALONE! it's MY life etc etc etc) until 10.00.

Crazycake Tue 15-Oct-13 21:55:26

I feel a bit mean now, my 9yo goes to bed at 7.30! He's fast asleep within minutes an usually wakes around 7.30 am. He's always slep 12 hours since being a couple of months old.

SoonToBeSix Tue 15-Oct-13 21:59:06

Just turned 9 dd goes at 7.30

VerySmallSqueak Tue 15-Oct-13 22:01:45

9 year old, 9 0'clock (up about 7).

OldBeanbagz Wed 16-Oct-13 08:41:51

11 year old DD - bed at 9pm & up at 6.45am
Weekends - no set bedtime as it depends what we're doing

valiumredhead Wed 16-Oct-13 08:46:40

Ds is just 12 and it's in bed by 8.30 and read until 9. Later at the weekends but not past 10 as he gets so grumpy the next day.

dobedobedo Wed 16-Oct-13 08:49:55

8 (nearly 9) year old goes to bed at 9pm on a school night, and the same or sometimes later on weekends. Any earlier and he's not tired enough and is up half the night!

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