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Anger and 9yo

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Luna13 Tue 08-Oct-13 20:26:15

I'm new here, and desperately need help... My 9 ye boy keeps arguing about EVERYTHING, wherever he goes. Football, karate, netball, playtime at school, it's very easy to get him angry, and quite few times it ended up in a fight. I am scared to pick him up from school, as is my husband. What today??? After every activity we hear that K was pushing X, fighting with Y, calling names Z. He says he can't control it, once he gets angry it's impossible to stop it. How can I help him..? And myself. I am 5 mths pregnant, and really would do with a bit less stress. I do not have those problems at home. He is not agressive at home, but does not steer away from fights when he's not with us. Any ideas?

Kellyl26 Tue 08-Oct-13 22:44:10

I think the age has a lot to do with it. They start changing hormone levels already for puberty. That said, obviously you can't let the behaviour carry on.
My son went through a similar thing, I just spoke to him about the outcome of the anger ie him just feeling bad about himself for doing something he regrets.
But I would also talk to him & see if anything is troubling him and if there are any issues at school. He might be getting left out & this is his way of dealing with it?

Luna13 Wed 09-Oct-13 06:34:33

Thank you Kelly. I believe I do talk to him, and he does tell us if there are any issues at school. But in those situations he gets angry because someone ie called him stupid, it escalates from small things, about anything. So obviously I can't react before something happens, but maybe there is a way for him to learn how to calm down rather than fight..?

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