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Fifa 14 - apparently my DS is the only one of his friends who does not have it and I am soooooooo mean!

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grants1000 Sun 06-Oct-13 17:49:07

This is the sentence I have heard at least 76,000 this weekend.

Are pre-teens like toddlers who won't take no for an answer? At 11 they are much harder to ignore and very much more hurtfull. I feel on the verge of tears today about his behavior over Fifa 14 and wanting new football boots. Fifa 14 £50 and boots adult size 7 are about £40, so he is demanding not very nicley this ASAP.

I've said if he sells some of his old games at Game, we will get it as a present for starting secondary school so well and working so hard, but alas, this is still not good enough.

I am taking him for new boots tomorrow night, as they are too small and he has football training on Tuesday night, but alas, this is not good enough either as it should have been today.

I am trying to drill into him the importance of £, getting something when you have the £ and all that, but he's 11 and does not give a shit.

Apart from seloting up his mouth I cannot wait until he pisses off to bed and leave me and DH in peace. sad

FWIW - I WANT new winter boots, a haircut and colour, my make up is a bit crappy now and could do with a few new bits, I also covet a Coach handbag and a month in Barbados with a chef, housekeeper, life coach and personal trainer. Am I going to get this if I ask 77,000 times?

grants1000 Sun 06-Oct-13 17:51:31

And by the way, you Fifa 14 BASTARDS, why release it so far in advance of Xmas you thoughtless greedy fuckers?

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