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My 8 Yr old DS behaviour

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libby2pink Mon 30-Sep-13 13:37:39

My DS can have drastic changes in behaviour. This can sometimes be changeable at school or at home. Like the rhyme, when he's good he's very very good but when he's bad he's horrid! At a bad time he has bouts of low level stupidity that aggravates both ourselves and his teachers..he gets into a zone and seems not to listen or care. He has to be told time after time to stop doing something. He does this until he gets into trouble and receives a punishment, usually the talking away of privileges. He acts cocky and pretends he doesn't care. When he snaps out of it he cares very deeply. At home this then results in tantrum, and claims that he has done nothing wrong in the first place. He convinces himself he is in the right and often lies about his behaviour to get out of trouble. He is a very bright kind and sensitive boy at good times and a pleasure to be around. He seems to manage this for a while and then go off track for a couple of weeks. We reward good behaviour with star charts and punish with grounding or taking away a privilege. Is this just normal behaviour for an 8yr old or should I be seeking professional help.

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