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FedupofTurkey Mon 23-Sep-13 21:53:55

Are there any games suitable or are they all bloody, sweary and violent?

MmeLindor Mon 23-Sep-13 22:58:27

As far as I know, they are all 16+ or even 18+

I am not a big gamer, but they are not suitable for preteens. How old is your DC?

Potterer Wed 25-Sep-13 12:18:16

I always think to get an idea of how these games look, go onto YouTube and search for it. It can be eye opening.

My eldest is 10 so I have no personal experience of it, but trolling sometimes occurs if they go online, ie an older boy/man will deliberately keep killing you to provoke a response.

You can tell that someone is young as they have a high pitched voice whilst telling the older person to go fuck themselves. I suppose that is amusing to some. Then the older person uploads it onto YouTube for their mates to laugh at.

I am not looking forward to all that.

soontobeslendergirl Wed 25-Sep-13 23:22:44

I am sure that a couple of them are 15s - my 12 year old has a few where he kills zombies (black Ops?) They are all violent, but I mind it less when it isn't real humans....if that makes sense.

I am fairly strict in general - No grand theft Auto!

He doesn't however play on-line so maybe that makes it better?

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