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Anyone know anything about Vocaloid?

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bouncingpenguin Tue 10-Sep-13 20:40:37

My 12 year old DD is obsessed with Vocaloid. Apparently it's a singing computer program with anime style charactersconfused DD walks around the house with a bow in her hair trying to look like Rin Something-or-other. Anyone know anything else?

jennifersofia Sun 22-Sep-13 00:16:39

Yup, my dd is keen. From what I can tell it is a hologram of someone singing a song (in Japanese often!), and people go to concerts and watch the hologram and sing a long etc as you would at a normal concert. Quite a strange concept if you ask me, but I am an oldie! (and she didn't ask me..) My dd hasn't gone to any actual concerts, but just watches it on Youtube and sings a long.
Associcated with it is cosplay, which is when people get together and dress up as various vocaloid characters. My dd is very interested in Japanese culture, but only some aspects of it (eg more pop than traditional) and this falls in this category. As far as I can tell it is pretty harmless (encourages learning about another culture, creatiing outfits etc).
I have watched 1 or 2 vocaloid videos and apart from not very great high pulse electronic music, they don't seem to be dancing in an especially provocative way. The main thing I don't like is the way in which they dress - it isn't super slutty, but there is a lot of very short skirt, socks to the mid thigh with upper thigh showing, dressed as a school girl in uniform, so there is obviously some play on the mix between little girl and a bit of sexiness. I don't mind a bit of dressing up, and I think it can be fun, but I do keep tabs on how short skirts are.

bouncingpenguin Sun 22-Sep-13 06:16:43

Thanks for the help jennifersofia! I agree with you about the way they dress, the skirts are quite short.

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