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DD embarrassed me in front of other parents

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whatdoesittake48 Sat 07-Sep-13 23:15:33

dd is 11 and today pointed out to her friends parents how I always make things up just to sound interesting....
We were chatting as I collected her and I was being chatty and I thought, interesting, friendly etc. she piped up and was very rude and mean to me.basically telling them I was making it all up and even offered an example of how I had done it before.
I was taken aback and didn't cut her off before she got most of what she wanted to say out.
The thing is that my dh recently told me that I sometimes say things which don't make sense. He finds it frustrating.
I now feel self conscious that maybe I really do come across a being full of it and not genuine.
I told my dd that it was mean and embarrassed me but she just told me it was the truth so she had nothing to apologise for.
Is it right for a child of that age to be so critical and should I actually take note of what she had said.maybe she has a point.

evelynj Sat 07-Sep-13 23:35:19

Sorry you've been embarrassed but tbh it sounds like you are aware that you are exaggerating/lying. Why would you make up things? Can you give us an example? I think it's probably worse that it sets a bad example for your daughter & sounds like she has list some respect for you.

If you haven't made anything up then have a very firm word & if it happens again just remove her & yourself ASAP & apply appropriate punishment

Good luck

SilverApples Sat 07-Sep-13 23:40:06

Were you making things up?
That can be excruciating for a teen.
Perhaps you could try talking a bit less, or slower and thinking about what you say. Your DH has mentioned your lack of clarity too?
Is she usually rude and dismissive, or was she pushed over the edge?

Openyourheart Sun 08-Sep-13 18:17:26

Only take note of what she said if it is true. I have no idea if you make things up or not so it is difficult to say what you should do.

If you do not make stuff up then you should be very cross with her.

MrsMongoose Tue 10-Sep-13 23:47:32

I think you were embarrassed that you were caught lying, not because of something your dd did. Poor dd, getting the blame.

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