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So glad I got her to try her school shoes on today!!

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Tigerblue Thu 29-Aug-13 16:41:21

I had my daughter's shoes checked about 2.5 weeks ago, she was measuring the same size she currently has and the fitter said there was growth room. Was going into town this morning and as a last thought, asked her to try her school shoes on again and she said her feet were at the end, so have had to ensure a second queue in the shoe shop this holiday. So relieved I checked, otherwise don't know what I'd have done next Wednesday!

MCos Sun 01-Sep-13 00:46:55

DD1 (11) refused to come with me to buy school shoes with me last week. I told her consequences would be that she had to wear her old shoes, and asked her if she was she sure they wouldn't hurt her, and advised her to try them on to check. She assured me they would be fine

But she has outgrown the sandals we bought at beginning of summer, so I really didn't think the shoes that fit her in June would still fit.

After wearing them for one day, she decided today would be good day to shopping for new school shoes! (luckily, I had time to do this today)

I will definitely use this approach again... No tears or tantrums during shoe shopping today, as result of her experiencing the consequences of her own poor decision.

ClartyCarol Sun 01-Sep-13 00:57:46

Would your 11 year old really have tears and tantrums about shoe shopping, or was it just a figure of speech for being a bit of a pain in the bum?

Tigerblue Sun 01-Sep-13 14:17:16

Luckily mine doesn't complain about getting her feet checked. Mind you, if we go into town we normal go into a café where she has chocolate cake so I think that's the attraction.

MCos, glad you managed to get her some new shoes.

lexcat Thu 05-Sep-13 21:30:52

Not the only one, dd was fitting shoes fine then suddenly complaining her trainers were to small, checked shoe shoe and yes too small. What fun finding new school shoes as one foot has growen over a whole size but the smaller of the feet under 1/2. a shoe size she now has a size 5h and a size 6f foot. She has alwayes had one foot grow first and the other catches up but never more the 1/2 a size. Whole size differents and 2 width differents makes fitting shoes much harder.

My worry now is that sudden growth spurts of feet is the first sign of the of puberty growth spurs just as I've managed to replace all the clothes she's growen out of as she's already growing quite fast.

minidipper Wed 18-Sep-13 11:28:57

Same here. DS2 insisted his old shoes from last year still fitted him. He refused to try on new ones during the summer holidays because Clarks was such hell. But I insisted and he'd grown two sizes. blush Glad we checked. He'd been at secondary school for a week in shoes that were way too small.

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