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PGL holiday camp-windmill hill

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Tropicalchancer Mon 12-Aug-13 19:32:41

My son is currently enjoying his first ever week at a PGL camp and I am both loving how much calmer my other 2 boys are in his absence and missing him terribly! I haven't heard from him-is this normal? Gah I keep having to stop myself from phoning the camp up to check on him!!

OldLadyKnowsNothing Mon 12-Aug-13 19:36:14

Absolutely normal not to hear from him, don't you know PGL stands for "Parents Get Lost"? grin He'll be having a whale of a time, my sons loved it.

funnymummyspeaks Mon 12-Aug-13 19:46:18

My DD's class went this year, didn't hear a word from them other than teachers sending an email recapping the day each night! Enjoy the peace and relax, you will have him back happy, tired and disheveled before you know it! smile

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