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Has anyone used TAZ parties at Henley Fort?

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KMG1971 Sun 11-Aug-13 20:00:33

I'm thinking of having a 10th birthday party for my son at Henley Fort, a Surrey County Council run site near Guildford, Surrey. The website sounds good, but I can't find any reviews. Just wondered if anyone had come across them and could comment. Many thanks.

RosyfingeredDawn Tue 13-Aug-13 18:15:37

We had one for my daughter, who was 10 in April. It was well organised, only one staff member but we had a well behaved bunch.
They started off with a type of treasure hunt ( and a very dark corridor ). The rest involved a climbing wall, getting themselves across a field using crates and planks, and a low ropes course.The aim to get to a treasure chest which contained the birthday girl's presents. We had food at home, but they do organise that. One of her friends said it was the best party she'd ever been to, boys and girls enjoyed it.
Hope this helps.

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