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Any good books on what to expect when they become teens?

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racingheart Sat 10-Aug-13 10:19:19

Does anyone know any good books - like the What To Expect series but for parents of teens? I'm feeling out of my depth and like they are changing but I have no parenting skills to manage the change.

foolonthehill Wed 14-Aug-13 13:20:27

This is my top 4
Teenagers:What every parent has to know by Rob Parsons (short but good)
Blame my Brain what is going on inside....good for them to read too (and funny in places)
5 love languages of teenagers so you want to make sure they feel loved....where do you put your energy for maximum effect.
How to talk do your teens will listen and listen so your teens will talk this i haven;t read but I have "How to talk so kids will listen" it is brilliant but quite hard work and not a "quick read" a short book but makes big differences if you take your time

hope these help

racingheart Mon 26-Aug-13 09:44:33

Thank you foolonthehill. Off to google them now.

I've read the original 'How to talk' and thought it was a really good book. Need to re-read it.

NoComet Mon 26-Aug-13 14:31:52

Yes how to talk.
The only other teen books I've read are all doom and gloom.

I have only one expectation of my DDs as teens and that is that they will not behave like stereotypical sit com teens.

They will be respectful, do as they are told, tidy their rooms, come on and enjoy family holidays/days out and be pleasant. Just because your 13 not 11 makes no difference whatsoever.

I do not subscribe to teens have to be a pain, neither does DD1(15) she thinks falling out with your parents just makes life difficult and is plain daft.

DD2(12) thinks about being a sulky awkward teen, but realises that since DH ignores her and DD1 and me just laugh it's actually not worth the effort.

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