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Hair removal for 11 year old?

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We are due to go to a wedding at the end of August and DD1 is going to be wearing this dress

She is very dark haired and has had hairy legs for quite a while. I noticed today however that she is now getting hair under her arms. She hasn't asked but would it be a good idea to ask if she wants it removed before hand?

If she did remove it what would be the best way? shave, electric shaver, removal cream?


Theas18 Tue 06-Aug-13 07:30:57

gosh this topic has been done a few times.

basically Yes if she wants no if she doesn't and what ever you like lol

personally my dd2 has an elective lady shave since she was 9 and started being bothered. electric because it keeps her from blocking the bathroom and she can't cut herself!

hair is such a non issue, though just remind her stubbly attends aren't good...

kreecherlivesupstairs Wed 07-Aug-13 00:23:26

My DD had been plucking her armpit hair for some time before I noticed how red it was. She didn't always hit the hairs...Anyway, she's now got a battery operated lady shaver thing which was about a fiver from Tesco.
recently, she used some immac. Immac gives the closest shave.

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