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Is anyone else still washing their 10 year old dd's hair??

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Dancergirl Sun 14-Jul-13 20:08:18

Or is it just me?

We've tried and tried to teach dd to wash her own hair standing in the shower. But she makes so much fuss about water in her eyes and doesn't rub the shampoo in properly and then doesn't rinse properly. So at the moment it's just easier to wash her hair in the bath with the shower attachment. I can do it quickly and easily and I know it's washed and rinsed properly.

But should this be something I insist she does herself at the age of 10 or not sweat the small stuff? I know it's not going to be forever, puberty will kick in soon and then I imagine I will be banished from the bathroom.

NoComet Sun 01-Sep-13 01:17:56

In theory, but given the number of bubbles in DD2(12) hair when I ran a nit comb through it, washing is one thing, rinsing it properly is quite another.

teacherwith2kids Sun 01-Sep-13 14:26:18

DD (10) can do it - bath or shower, long thick hair. But sometimes she asks for help - if she's tired, or if there's time pressure for any reason, or just because she fancies a chat in the bathroom.

No problem to us either way, really.

crimsonwitch Thu 12-Sep-13 21:54:23

my dd (10) is capable of washing and rinsing her very long hair in the bath (no shower). However, every time she has a bath i get "mum will you come and talk to me" so i will sit and chat with her and she sometimes asks if i will wash her hair. When i asked her why when she can so it herself she just said i like it when you do it. I figured i wont have these little moments forever so i make the most of it smile

rachcarter Tue 01-Oct-13 02:02:41

Yeah, my daughter is 10, and literally in the past two weeks started to get the hang of washing her own hair, however i still have to check it and wash out the rest of the conditioner.

I have to blow dry her hair afterwards as well though because she hasn't really got the hang of that either, whereas my 11yr old niece does it all by herself and my sister has told me numerous times that my daughter is really behind, but i couldn't care less as every child's different grin

Oblomov Tue 01-Oct-13 17:31:53

Ds1 is 9 and been doing it for a long time, in bath or shower.
But, with a dd, with long hair, surely it is much more difficult.

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