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Do you think my daughter could start periods today?

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Tigerblue Thu 27-Jun-13 09:42:48

I've just picked my daughter's pants up off the floor from yesterday (as you do) and noticed a couple of small pink pink spots in her pants. I think my now we would be aware if anything more was going to come, but worrying as she's now at school without any towels.

Even though she's 12, I haven't given her any towels (just in case) as there were no signs of puberty in September. She now has breasts and pubic hair growing (no underarm hair), but I suppose I've convinced myself she wouldn't start for a few months as she's tiny (140cm, 4st8lbs), she was only 44.5cm at birth and I think follows my Mum for height who is only 145cm.

Luckily I've recently bought a couple of packs and was going to suggest in the school holidays she start carrying a couple in her school bag. Sounds silly, but almost feel a bit emotional in case I have let her down and she starts at school today. Luckily I'm no more than 10 mins from the school if she needs me and I know from a friend the school do phone parents if their daughter starts there.

From experience of your daughters starting, do you think she could start today or could it just be spotting in preparation? Whatever I need to do that talk tonight.

imnotmymum Thu 27-Jun-13 09:45:23

Perhaps, perhaps not. Sorry to be vague but there really is no sure way to know. School will be prepared though for these things. Have you not spoken about periods yet?

kilmuir Thu 27-Jun-13 09:46:32

My dd had more discharge for several months before having first period.
My DD's school encourage girls to go to school nurse if required to get pad. I gave my daughter a small toiletry bag to put in locker, had a change of pants, pads, baby wipes and couple of nappy bags in it

JuliaScurr Thu 27-Jun-13 09:50:18

from (not much) experience - probably soon, not today
great that you are on the case smile

Tigerblue Thu 27-Jun-13 09:58:54

imnotmymum - We talked about puberty around 9.5 and I gave her a little book which explains about girls getting periods, difference lengths, flows, towels & pads. They discussed puberty as well just after at school and more recently in science - I was looking at her science books and it fully explains why girls get periods and pads soak up the blood. If it does happen at least it won't be a 100% shock.

Maybe it's Mum's intuition but twice this week I've asked her to think about who she would ask if she had a problem at school, mentioning her registration tutor, favourite tutor, student reception, her good friends. She said she would go the Head of Year who only teaches a few hours a week and is usually in her room with paperwork.

kilmuir, I've actually got a couple of little toiletry bags for her which almost look like pencil cases if she drops them, so am going to get one ready to give her tonight (unless I get a call in the meantime).

notso Thu 27-Jun-13 09:59:01

Like others said maybe, maybe not.
I had just spotting at first then a proper period 6 weeks later.
DD had a bit of spotting in the evening and then a full on heavy period later the next day.
DD prefers to put her supplies in a pencil case rather than an obvious make-up type bag. Apparently boys root through bags for a laugh hmm

notso Thu 27-Jun-13 10:00:14


loveliesbleeding1 Thu 27-Jun-13 10:00:18

My dd had spotting for a couple of days then nothing for 2 months but obv everyone is different.

PareyMortas Thu 27-Jun-13 10:04:08

dd2 (11) had her first period a few weeks ago. It started with a little spotting and then enough for her to come and tell me, but there's no way it was a 'proper' period. I know only because the next day she went to school with lots of towels and a plan of how to change them etc. When she got home she said she hadn't needed to as there wasn't much.

So hopefully even if she does start today, it won't be full on and she'll manage with a bit of folded loo roll.

imnotmymum Thu 27-Jun-13 10:05:41

I am in awe of the organised Mothers. I feel I should be doing more. My poor girls never got a toiletry or pencil type thing in fact I am not sure what they use

Tigerblue Thu 27-Jun-13 10:34:29

Thanks for your replies. Just been doing a bit of research elsewhere online and it can be a sign of a first period (if only light) or mid cycle spotting in preparation.

If it is anything to do with periods, hopefully she'll hang on until the school holidays for a proper one - for my piece of mind it would be great to be around so I can check after a few hours how shes coping with the towels, if they are suitable for the flow and any tummy pains.

imnotmymum Thu 27-Jun-13 17:56:07

See I am a really bad mother I never do any of that sad

Tigerblue Fri 28-Jun-13 14:08:09

I'm sure you're not a bad mother at all, imnotmymum - we all do things slightly differently.

After my panic yesterday, nothing has transpired. I explained to her last night that she's getting to the age when we need to be prepared for periods as you never know when they are going to happen. She knows they happen and for some a lot younger than her, but she had a look of awareness on her face, so I tried to reassure her she doesn't need to worry. I gave her a little toiletry bag with a couple of pads and clean pants in just in case, and told her if anything happened at school and she wasn't sure various staff to go to, or she could ask student reception to give me a call if she wanted to see me for a few minutes to check anything (they are pretty good at letting parents judge rather than them).

I can relax now!

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