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Where do you buy you yr6+ clothes from?

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Mumofjz Sun 16-Jun-13 17:25:57

Dd is in 12 and though not overweight and my tendancy to shrink things we seem to have to buy age 13/14 clothes - if we can ever find any as the childrens shops/dept never seem to really go up to the size.

We seem to be stuck in the same shops without any real choice but then I look around at young girls out on the streets and they have lovely clothes on which I can never seem to find sad

Where do you buy your child's clothes from??

Hulababy Tue 25-Jun-13 18:56:01

DD has a few Hollister t shirts, tops and a jacket.
Quality is fine ime. They all wash well and they are all wearing well too.
If compared to adult sized clothes in Next, Gap, etc I don't think it is much different in price tbh. Quality is certainly no worse than either of them, infact it is definitely better than Next where seams and buttons are forever coming away.

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