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What do 11 yr old boys do?

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BlogOnTheTyne Sun 03-Mar-13 06:41:44

I've got two of them - twins. Left to their own devices, they'll spend the entire day at w/es sitting at their PCs. Torn away from screens, they literally can't think of anything to do with their time. They'll tolerate half an hour playing Monopoly or cards with me but soon fight/get bored.

In warmer weather, I might be able to force them outdoors - though even this is debatable.

They browse (appropriate) internet sites, watch reruns of cartoons. One does at least do lots of writing his own stories and plays on computer. The other does a bit of programming and also some computer games.

Neither is sporty. They don't have wiis or DS or X-box but do spend most of their unstructured time at PCs. Neither does model making or lego or meccano. Neither does art/crafts for fun.

What else do 11 yr old boys do? We don't live in an area where they can safely go out alone. Their friends are driving distance away and there's also an issue with friendships anyway right now, as these are breaking up/ reforming etc as they're all in senior school and more dispersed.

When they recently had 2 friends round, it was clear that all 4 had trouble knowing what to do with their time. A bit of screens, a half-hearted game in the garden but clearly even the friends were bored.

In the 21st century, if you're NOT sitting at a screen, what do you do indoors, as an 11 yr old boy - especially, what do you do if your parent/s don't have time to 'entertain' you?

apatchylass Sun 24-Mar-13 23:43:30

My DC are a similar age and I agree - it's an odd one. They are definitely in transition. Their interests are music, art, drama, they play rugby and go to scouts. They'll put up with a board game or card game for 30 mins or so too, but they gravitate towards screens all the time.

You mentioned that they're both in a choir. If they like music, can you get them an instrument each together with some teach yourself books and Cds, then they could start up a band, or at least play together.

Piano and guitar practise help peel my two away from screens.They also make music on garage band - still screen-based but at least it's creative.

We go out together a lot, on short trips to see exhibitions at museums and galleries. If your DT2 hates outings, would it be possible occasionally to have an older teenage boy babysit while you and DT1 go out on your bikes or to the cinema?

These days I always choose a teenage boy as a sitter, because they don't find that so embarrassing as having a grown woman or worse a teenage girl. The teenage boy babysitters usually come over with stacks of videos or music that they listen to together, and they enjoy themselves. Would that appeal to your DT2?

Like your DT 2, DS2 is dyspraxic and hates sport, but I've decided to tell him he has to choose one physical activity and do it anyway - could be swimming , yoga or archery - doesn't have to be a team game but he needs to stay fit. Not yet had that conversation but will report back if it works!

Also, this could be the right age to teach them a few life skills, like how to cook a handful of edible dinners, how to use washing machines, vacuum cleaners etc.

Hugglepuff Sun 07-Apr-13 16:37:20

Hi, my ds is just 12.
He needs a bit of prompting not to stick himself on the iPod or wii. But he also likes the following:
Triathlon, cross country running, swiming, local theatre youth group , and church Youth group.
He has just discovered Meccano and has begun to renew interest in the guitar. And he is just beginning to show an interest in cooking ..... At last !
Oh and he really likes irritating his dsis , aged 10!

lljkk Thu 25-Apr-13 07:47:14

Ask the Dinner Ladies: "Miss, what's virginity?"
Little sods think they're so clever.

When I had a 12yo in the house, I would have said cooking & scouts.

But my 11yo did nothing else. OP's sound very busy to me already.

Have to be age 13+ for Sea Cadets, typically.

valiumredhead Wed 22-May-13 11:24:45

My ds is 12 and in the holidays/weekends he

draws/makes 'stuff'
out on his bike
meets mates at the park
we seem to have a steady stream of kids here most days in the holidays or he is at a mate's house.
football in the garden
tennis club
plays wit RC cars a LOT

I limit screen time which helps focus his mind on things other than the xbox wink

During the week he is so shattered after school then he just reads,watches telly, once a week he has a mate over or goes to the park after school.

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