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11 yr old girl acting like 13/14 !

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Hulababy Sat 23-Mar-13 16:28:26

DD is 10y, 11 next month. She has developed a lot this past year or so. She started her periods in December. Her body shape is totally different to a year ago. And at times she definitely can look older than she is.

DD is starting to take far more interest in clothes and shoes, bags, etc. She doesn't get that from me that;s for sure, lol! She likes the idea of makeup but has very little and is only allowed a small amount for parties.

DD and nearly all her school friends got tablets of some form at Christmas and so we have a lot of messaging and FT/Skype going on. DD is getting a phone for her birthday - it's really for when she starts secondary school, but thought we'd do it now rather than buying twice.

No boy talk yet. She's at an all girls school so there is none of the boyfriend/girlfriend talk at school in the way there are at some (I work in schools) and she isn't into posters on her walls yet.

She is, however, still very happy to play with toys - she has a lot of Sylvanian families - and role play games - her and her friends make up games a lot still. She will play at the park with her friends, still out on her scooter or climbering about in/near trees, etc.

But yes, she is definitely growing up. Just been chatting with my siblings as they asked for her birthday list. There are far fewer toys on there now, though still some games, and clothes and accessories are creeping in. Hollister and Jack Wills appear. There are clothes on their for the first time, and bags and purses, etc.

And yes, agree with the tech safety stuff, etc. I am fairly techy myself and have always tried to teach DD to be, right from the moment she started using computers and the like. She appears to be so far and understands a lot of what I teach and tell her.

liveoutloud Fri 15-Mar-13 16:59:11

My DD is 11 years old. She also is developing fast, I would say, did not get her period yet, but I have a feeling it will be here soon. She is also obsessed, in a way, with boys, has been talking about crushes and stuff for the last year or so. However, she does not have a mobile phone yet, does not have Facebook page and stuff. She likes to wear make up and I let her in rare occasions, pays careful attention to her looks, hair and stuff. I can feel, however, hormones raging inside of her, as her body is developing rapidly, and I am concerned about high school and stuff and what that change might bring.

Hugglepuff Sat 09-Mar-13 19:57:55

My dd is 10 - very nearly 11 ( year 6) . She is only 18 months younger than her brother. Still a definite young 10 ( which is lovely ) - happy to climb trees and cuddle up with her teddy. I think that having a brother so close in age has really helped in her seeing boys just as friends who she likes to beat in running races.
Absolutely no sign of puberty - mind you I did not hit it until 16 so think she will be late as well !

Bunbaker Fri 08-Mar-13 07:10:35

Yes coffee DD (12) is more like yours. She has started wearing subtle make up now, but isn't at all "look at me" like so many of the other girls in her year. Such a lot of them wear too much slap and don't blend it in properly at the jaw line, and they exaggerate their lips by pouting all the time. DD and her friends call the unblended make up a slag line and the trout pouters the goldfish army.

DD doesn't like boys yet, doesn't have FB and hasn't started her periods. Plenty of time for that later. It's a shame that nature decides that girls as young as 11 are ready for having babies.

coffeeismywine Fri 08-Mar-13 07:00:36

I have an 11 year old who bought two kites in pound land yesterday and can't wait to fly them, has no interest in make up because its yuk and the only thing she does about the hairs on her legs is pull them out and let go so they curl because they're so long.

They're all different. They all develop at different rates.

ThePigeonBroadband Fri 08-Mar-13 06:44:00

MissMogwi One Direction posters everywhere in DD's bedroom at the moment. Hoping it will wear off soon!

MissMogwi Thu 07-Mar-13 20:02:16

My DD is 11 and a half, and in to clothes, music and has her head in her mobile a lot. She looks about 13 too, it's scary!

Not really bothered about boys though, thank Christ. Apart from Niall or Neil or whatever his name is from One Direction. His face gurns at me from all corners of the house. hmm

AdoraBell Thu 07-Mar-13 03:02:58

Sounds a lot like my 11yr old, but do pay attention to the points raised by couples

coupleswithtroublesTHERAPIST Thu 07-Mar-13 01:57:24

Age it's just a number.

Every child develops in his/her own way.
It's normal for a girl who becomes a young lady to show interest in boys/young man or sometimes they show interest in girls/young ladies.

The important thing is that she doesn't get herself into trouble.
Wrong boyfriend.
Bad influence from friends.
and so on...

What is she doing with her phone and laptop?
Does she know that there are a lot of wrong people looking around on facebook and those websites.
Hunting for girls to get to see more of them. Pretending they are of there age. But in reality they are anything but their age.

I've a skype account.
I don't allow strangers on there.
But even when people are not in your list they can chat with you.

I'm not even a young girl and I don't even pretend to be one.
Yet I get almost every time I've that online an idiot who wants me to open my cam.
Or they ask questions like: what are you wearing....

I know there was a lot of weirdo's online. But when you start to use these communication tools/sites.
You'll soon realize that if you go on there and you say that you are a lady.

You WILL get disgusting idiots who are going to pretend to be nice to you... but are anything BUT nice.

Are you aware of this?
Is she aware of this?

Does she knows how to deal with these man?
How can strangers contact her?
Does she allow that? Or is she clever and only allows friends that she really know to be able to see her personal information online?

Has she got a webcam?
Does she download a lot online?

If the answer is 'yes' to both questions. Then be very careful!!!
There are programs that these pedophiles are using to be able to open someones webcam without the other person knowing it.

The get the computer infected by sending something to a young person. This will look fun to them. A music clip, game, could be anything!!!
But then you're not only downloading that fun game or music clip. You're also downloading a program that will be operating on the background of the computer.

Means that you can't see it unless you really go and look for it.

That program will allow the other person to open your webcam without you noticing it. Some programs can even take over your computer.
Getting all your personal information that you store on it.

It's horrible and there should be soo much more protection from these online pedophiles.

This is an extreme situation, but it has happened to many young girls and it's still happening.

The only way to protect yourself from this is to know how to use the internet safely. Have a good virus scanner.

Same as in normal every day life you don't talk to strangers and that 100% goes for talking to people on the internet.
You never know who you've got on the other end of the line.
You don't know if this person means well or not.

ChristineDaae Fri 01-Mar-13 19:30:39

Sounds pretty normal to me. I'm dreading my 2yo DD getting older!

specialsubject Fri 01-Mar-13 19:20:33

grants1000, did I understand you correctly - the 'dare' was sexual contact in Y6??????

please tell me I'm wrong?

ItsRainingOutside Fri 01-Mar-13 14:31:38

A lot of my dd's friends from her old primary are obsessed with having boyfriends, using sexually explicit language, wearing makeup etc. There are equally as many who have no interest whatsoever and they tend to have parents who push their kids academically and engage in their lives far more. One of dd's friend's boyfriend just broke up with her as she wasn't taking the relationship seriously enough. They're both 11 but what on earth was he expecting - a mortgage, babies and a labrador?

grants1000 Thu 28-Feb-13 14:09:42

My eldest DS in Y6 and the Y6 girls in the main all look about 2-3 years older than the boys, have breasts, spots, mobiles too! He told me that they were doing dares in the playground yesturday, the boys was to hug a girl for 5 seconds, but the girls was to be able to hold the boys balls and winky for 5 seconds! The boys did not do it, but I think it illustrates that girls do develop quicker in more ways than boys!

Izzy123lo Thu 28-Feb-13 07:01:10

My 11 yr old dd is obsessed with boys, make-up and her phone and laptop! She has started her periods and she has bad acne. She could easily get in for 14/15 so I'm wondering, is this normal? hmm

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