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What are your preteends doing in half term?

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Dededum Thu 21-Feb-13 13:10:32

DS2 doing a football camp every day.

DS1 hates clubs etc.. So had a couple of meet ups with friends but now just taken himself to bed.

basildonbond Thu 21-Feb-13 13:03:32

dd (10) has had a whirlwind of activity - swimming every day so far (she swims for a club), pony club for two days, friend over today - they're going to watch a film, make popcorn etc then go swimming - friend coming for a sleepover tomorrow, we went to the south bank one day and she went out for the day with a friend on Monday, swimming, riding and swimming party on Saturday and then I suspect she'll be collapsing with exhaustion on Sunday!

(reading that back there is a LOT of swimming but she does really like it and has heaps of energy)

ds2 (13) has been mostly playing xbox and reading ... they're very different characters ...

Madmog Thu 21-Feb-13 10:44:50

We had half term last week, so just being noisy really and wondering what other preteens did/will do.

Had 3 friends here at different times (just happens here not at theirs) doing things like playing on wii, drawing, computer, writing stories, watching dvds. Trip to town to meet Granny for coffee and shopping. She didn't want to go to cinema (shame I did!). 15-18 Feb we went away for the weekend and got lots of walking and swimming in to make up for lack of exercise.

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