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Coping with grandparents in different locations

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dabdab Tue 12-Feb-13 14:55:17

We skype weekly, and visits happen when they can (about 1x year), but basically, it means that one set of grandparents miss out (mine sad)

nextphase Sun 10-Feb-13 17:29:31

I'm confused. Why is the situation any different to how you are now? Its just the other grandparents who will be closer rather than your parents??
FWIW, our kids are being brought up bilingual, and bi-cultural, but we live in one country, and visit the other when we can (14 hr flight). The kids are currently comfortable in both countries, but are still little.

decisiondecisions123 Sun 10-Feb-13 15:03:43

My husband and I are contemplating a move from the town where I grew and up and where my family live now to where my husband grew up and his family live. Towns are a 30 minute flight ride away or about a 6 hour drive/boat ride. The reasons for moving a complicated and basically financial, but, my question is, has anyone manage to bring up there children where both grandparents had an equal involvement in the grandchildren? Has anyone tried to support their children to feel citizens of both cities? Or am I just living in dreamworld thinking that my parents won't miss out massively on having their grandchildren near them, and my children will grow up with a dual city identity. Is this totally unfair of me to try to put this on the kids? They are too young to set down any routes yet, and the move would happen before they are 3-4 years old.

The trouble is we are so close to both sets of grandparents, mine in particular, and moving away is going to be heartbreaking and not what I (or my parents) had expected at all. Plus, my children are likely my parents only grandchildren. I have all these ideas of keeping ridiculously strong links with our current city, but don't know anyone who has successfully managed to do this.

Any thoughts gratefully received!

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