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SAD light has transformed 10 yo DS morning grumpyness!

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Campari Thu 24-Jan-13 03:40:21

Well done!!
I have been after one of these, where did you buy it?

grants1000 Tue 22-Jan-13 00:54:30

10 yo DS was TERRIBLE to get up in the morning lately, moody, raging, snappy and so still asleep and bog eyed. I know the dark mornings have not helped , but a friend suggested a SAD light (got a cheap but proper one from high street chain under £50) and after a week, 10-20 mns over breakfast and KABOOM he's awake, energised, nice and co-operative! I just leave him alone, give him food, switch on the lamp as per instructions. I really think it helps his brain wake up and get him going, it had made the mornings so much nicer and less stressfull.

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