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Daughter - 3's a crowd

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Oopla Tue 22-Jan-13 01:33:29

You've given her the best advice to speak up about how she feels. Really wouldn't get any further involved than that. This age is bloody awful for the constant falling out/making up.

mumof2monsters Mon 21-Jan-13 16:47:59

My DD aged 9 has been friends with the same girl in her class for last few years. They were really close always calling themselves BFF etc. This other girl started playing with them and my DD now feels pushed out. Sometimes they include her and sometimes they dont. They often pair up and my DD is left paired up with someone else.
A year ago my DD was stuck in the middle of the other two girls who did not get on and often argued.
Just picked DD up from dance and the other two girls were not being nice to her. Have told her to tell them how she feels but they dont seem to care.
Have texted my DD best friends mum to ask for a chat but just not sure what to do.
I feel a little frustrated that this other girl has come along and DD feels pushed out. Have told DD to go and play with other girls but she really likes her BFF. Find it so upsetting for her and not sure what to do about it. They have a male teacher so talking to him is no good as he just thinks they are being silly. Can someone offer some advice. Thanks

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