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Upset - think my daughter has been swearing at/upsetting her friends

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Madmog Wed 09-Jan-13 11:05:33

My daughter has 3 friends who call on her every morning, but today none of them arrived. I checked with one of the Mums (thinking it may be a safety issue) and she said the others had a chat last night and don't want to be friends with my daughter because she's been swearing.

I know there were issues at school before Christmas of some sort and she got detention, but she has seen them all socially since and told me this morning she hasn't been swearing this week. Obviously need to get to the bottom of it tonight.

As a family we don't swear and I'm just upset and disappointed that she may have done this and especially if it has affected her relationship with two of the above girls who she's been really good friends with for years. I know as parents we sometimes have difficult issues, but being a sensitive one I've had a few tears over it this morning and I know her Dad is going be having some strong words with her tonight. Most of you are probably thinking if it's her fault she pays the price, but just needed to offload as I'm genuinely upset.

FelicityMerriman Thu 10-Jan-13 04:29:02

Don't be too hard on her. Sit her down and find out her side of the story in detail. I remember experimenting with bad language at her age, it was such an easy way to command attention and a reaction.

This may just be the part of the roller coaster that can be friendships for the next few years and the "swearing" was just an excuse for the other three girls to test

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