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9yo now sitting in front seat of car - sibling meltdown AIBU?

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Handywoman Thu 20-Dec-12 17:03:18

Ok so dd1 is now tall enough to sit in front seat of car and now asks to do so.

Trouble is her 7yo sister is has gone into total meltdown over the issue (it's... not... FAIIIIRRRR) on school pickup-refusing to get in car, then after bring bundled into car refusing to come in the house blah blah blah.

Ironically I thought separating them in the car might help with the after-school bickering!

I am torn between continuing and allowing dd1 the privilege since she is now tall enough, and reverting because of the upset caused to dd2.

dd2 is being assessed for autism and I can't work out whether this is a characteristic upset at a big change, or an understandable reaction to bring alone in the back of the car.

Thoughts (and perspective) anyone?


Handywoman xxxxx

kilmuir Sun 23-Dec-12 17:57:30

no i didn't miss that thank you. but the DD 's behaviour has to be dealt with by the ADULT. Throwing a tantrum will or should not get you want you want.
Tell her why her sibling is allowed to sit in the front, she can when she is tall enough.
I have a nephew with Aspergers and my sil never uses it as an excuse for bad behaviour. she takes the time to talk to him, he doesn't get what he wants because of his SEN.

Handywoman Sun 23-Dec-12 23:12:09

I would not call it bad behaviour, it just is what it is, influenced by rigidity of thinking, lack of theory of mind and difficulty with change. I managed to push all the buttons for dd2 without adequately preparing her. I did say I was going to talk to them both about it. Which I have, it is not an excuse but requires extra input, and we are working on it!

Thanks, Handywoman x

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