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Coping When Things Go Wrong

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LIZS Sun 18-Nov-12 07:22:54

dd (11) tends to struggle when something goes wrong such as yesterday she couldn't find the instruction sheet for some homework. Becomes tearful and upset although she tries hard to control it. Has anyone got any advice as to how to help her cope better, accept mistakes and not be so hard on herself?

baskingseals Tue 20-Nov-12 12:37:55

ah - that old chestnut.

have you had the nobody is perfect conversation? and what that means in practical terms.

also i find telling dd all the times i have lost things can help so she knows that she is not the only one. I also say that being organised is a skill she needs for herself, and that you have to train yourself how to do it, as it makes life easier for you in the long run, but like everything it takes time.

good luck and hth a little bit.

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