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bedtime for 11 year olds

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buttercrumble Tue 13-Nov-12 21:32:42

Sick of dd nagging to stay up and watch im a celebrity for next 3 weeks, We have bedtime at 9pm on school nights. Is our bedtime reasonable for an 11 year old, dd making me feel like the worst mum in the world....

rubyhope19 Wed 24-May-17 21:39:05

I'm 11 and my mum makes me go to sleep at 9 every night however my 6 year old sister goes to bed at 9 too. I'm fed up of my friends asking if I am playing out when I am in bed. Trouble is...I can't get asleep because it's light outside and I am not sleepy. My mum said after Sats I could stay up later and she won't let me. I am fed up with getting notifications at 3am from friends asking to face time and I want to go to bed at a more reasonable time!!!

AdoraBell Thu 04-Apr-13 16:12:24

2 11yr olds here, bedtime is 9 on school nights but they manage to drag it out to 9.20/9.30 with forgetting to brush teeth, remembering homework etc.

ManiAnni Fri 29-Mar-13 13:13:12

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Oopla Fri 15-Mar-13 19:19:10

My DD is 9 and is in bed lights out for 9pm. She stays up really late at the weekends but can lie in <jealous >

liveoutloud Fri 15-Mar-13 16:51:30

My 11 is supposed to be in bed by 9, but it is usually 10 when the lights are finally off. Unfortunately, it is not necessarily her fault. By the time we come back from track and field practice, I make diner and they finish homework it usually gets really late.

AuntieStella Fri 15-Mar-13 15:29:23

We moved to upstairs at 9pm when they went into year 7. Lights out next time a parent goes past the bedroom door.

Sometimes I send them up a bit earlier if they're looking tired (or acting stroppy).

kernowal Fri 15-Mar-13 15:25:00

Chil, chill. It just depends on your child.

Mine is meant to be in bed with lights out by 9, heading upstairs by about 8.30, but she'll keep reading until she falls asleep. We soon know if she's had too many late nights because she's utterly vile the next day. She has a TV in her room, but she can only watch DVDs on it and the novelty quickly wore off. Her secret vice is Don't Tell the Bride, but I insist on her watching it downstairs with me so I can turn it off if it gets too trashy. I don't think she knows what's she's missing on ITV, as we just never have it on. That day will soon come!

Childrenareanigjtmare Thu 14-Mar-13 20:49:10

Please do reply,I'd like to see what people think of my parenting,and what you think I'm doing right or wrong

Childrenareanigjtmare Thu 14-Mar-13 20:48:26

My 11 year old goes to bed after she watches I'm a celebrity get me out of here or corrie or whatever program she wants,its about giving her independence when she gets older,she also has a tv in her bedroom so she usually decides when it right to go to bed.she is responsible and usually goes to bed by 10 at the very latest,normally 9:30.she has just had parents evening and the teacher adores her,she says she's bright and bubbly,really enthusiastic and full of energy.she says that my daughter brightens up her day.that it proof that she isn't too tired or sleepy for school,she is a mature child and I trust her,she is going to a grammar school as well,and is a sporting icon.we haven't had ANY problems so far,so I think just try that for a week and then see how it goes,the child will respect you more for giving them more responsibility.

Pythonesque Thu 06-Dec-12 20:30:45

My just 10 yr old has lights out at 8:15 (yr 5, just started boarding). They have 15 minutes quiet reading in bed before that . The older ones get 15 mins longer per year, so the 11 yr olds are lights out 8:30/8:45 and bedtime isn't 9 until year 8. Admittedly the majority of the boarders are choristers with practice at 8 am most mornings. They vary bedtime a couple of nights a week i think - but it's 15 minutes later one day, and 15 minutes earlier on Sunday nights.

ripsishere Tue 04-Dec-12 01:34:45

I am mean mother of the year then. My 11.6 DD goes to bed at 8, lights out at 8.30.
She needs to be up at 6.45, although she generally rolls out of her pit about 7, shower and out of the door at 7.45.
She becomes very unpleasant when she is tired.

anewyear Mon 03-Dec-12 13:49:34

Ds2 11, 8.30 - 9pm otherwise like Notmyidea over tired and emotional.. Earlier if I think he needs it, was 7.40 last night!!
Later at weekend and holidays 10 ish.

sandyballs Thu 22-Nov-12 14:10:30

I have two 11 year olds and their bedtime is 8.30, read until 9. I've also had the nagging about I'm a Celeb, apparently they are the only kids in their entire year who aren't watching it and they have to pretend they have!


They have to be up at 6.30am and are always in a very deep sleep when I try to wake them, when that changes I'll make it later.

Weekends and hols much more relaxed, usually between 10 and 11 if we're at home. Or early hours if out/with friends.

Notmyidea Sat 17-Nov-12 14:21:31

We've recently experimented with 9pm and to be honest have ended up with over-tired and over-emotional kids. I'm a far worse mother than you because they have been put back to 8.30smile

3nationsfamily Fri 16-Nov-12 11:30:38

I'm a celebrity is such trash TV that nobody should be subjected to watching it no matter what age smile !!

bubby64 Thu 15-Nov-12 11:59:04

Almost 12yr olds here, bed at 8.30, lights (supposedly) out at 9pm, on school nights. (I must be one of the mean mums!). I often go up at 10 and find one or both still awake, but they are not downstairs with us and we can have some "adult" time., and they also have to be up and about for 6.30am as they have to leave by 7.25 in order to get their school bus. They can stay up til 10.30 on a friday/saturday night, but then have a lie in in the morning.
I, too have had the "my friends all watch Celebrity, why cant we?, and I say "when you can get out of bed without continouos reminders and constant moaning, you can stay up late!"

CremeEggThief Wed 14-Nov-12 16:23:35

My just turned 10 year old DS's bedtime is 9, but lights out at 9.30 seems to be becoming the norm. What time does she have to get up in the morning? Could you trial a 10 p.m. bedtime, if you think she'd cope?

PandaG Wed 14-Nov-12 16:13:00

DD is nearly 11, and bedtime is nearer 8pm during the week except scouts night. I must be very mean!

If she wants to watch Celebrity could you tape it and allow her to watch the following morning if she gets up and ready early enough? would only be 3/4 hour if she whizzed through the ads

sunmoonstarstoo Wed 14-Nov-12 16:04:42

Bedtime at 9 p.m. for my 11 yr old dd too. Although she often doesn't go to sleep straight away ...

amck5700 Wed 14-Nov-12 13:25:31

I have an 11 year old and a 12 year old - 9pm sounds good in theory but they never make that. Sunday nights we have all been watching the Andrew Marr programme that finishes at 10 - and although they are ready for bed - i let them read a wee while to wind down. Mondays are not too bad, Tuesdays is Scouts and it doesn't finish until 9.15 so it's about 9.30 when we are home, then supper, pj's etc and short reading time so again near half 10, Wednesdays is swimming - lesson doesn't finish until 9pm by the time showered changed and home again it's well after 9.30, Thursday Judo - finishes at 8.45 but need a shower as incredibly sweaty so still not in bed much before 10......and then it's the weekend!!

They don't have to be up until 7.45 at latest so it seems that they do get enough sleep.

I think with the I'm a celebrity thing, her friends will be watching so it will be a social thing at school.

madbengal Wed 14-Nov-12 05:12:01

My 11 yr old gets her jammies on and gets washed at 8pm and is allowed her light and TV on til 9pm and 930pm weekends

Any later and she is the swamp monster in the mornings LOL

It depends on the chilkd mine needs her sleep like me smile

BooksandaCuppa Tue 13-Nov-12 23:18:44

yes, that should read 11 yo too, not 11pm bedtime...

Musomathsci Tue 13-Nov-12 23:17:51

9 pm latest bedtime for 11 yr old here. Often 8.30 if tired. Up at 6.30 most days, though.

winnybella Tue 13-Nov-12 23:16:07

And yy to reading before bedtime, nice way to wind down.

winnybella Tue 13-Nov-12 23:15:39

Almost 11yo DS, 9pm for school nights and about 10 for Fri/Sat as well.He wakes up at 7 no matter what time he goes to bed, wish I had the ability to do that. I think that's about right and we live on the Continent, so generally speaking are more relaxed about stuff like that.

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