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12yr old DD and tampons

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Myliferocks Tue 13-Nov-12 12:41:02

My 16 yr old started her periods over 6 years ago and has never used tampons. She prefers to use sanitary towels.
I use tampons.
DD2 is 12 and started her first period yesterday.
Today she is wearing a towel but as she goes swimming a lot I mentioned to her about using tampons and she was quite keen.
Now to my question.
What is the best way to help and advise her on how to use and to insert tampons?
My mum was no help whatsoever when I was younger and I ended up finding out about tampons myself when I was 16 and had been having my periods for years.

Solo Mon 19-Nov-12 00:43:57

I think that if you make the mooncup normal for your Dd's then it will be normal. Also, teen girls do spread the word about all kinds of stuff, so we might actually find that mooncup use becomes far more the norm in future generations <crosses fingers>

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