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Help - party ideas for 11 year old DD

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blimppy Tue 09-Oct-12 21:38:16

DD2 will turn 11 shortly and seems keen on a party for about 10 friends at home. This suits me financially as I'm keen not to spend too much, but I'm completely terrified at trying to entertain ten 11 and 10 year old girls! I'm thinking of a DVD and pizza, perhaps with some nail painting and makeup stuff beforehand, but would really appreciate any suggestions! I don't even know what would be a good DVD to get! Anyone able to help with ideas???

ItsRainingOutside Wed 10-Oct-12 00:19:32

We had a pizza party when my DD was 11. They made and then ate it and watched a DVD - Johnny English Reborn. Choose something comedy or musical. Hunger Games is one of the favourite DVDs around at the moment. Good luck! p.s. wouldn't let them paint their nails - guaranteed to get it on the carpet!!!

flapperghasted Wed 10-Oct-12 17:37:30

We found at 11 they entertained themselves really well. I organised a sleepover for 12 girls and boys. I had all kinds of games ready for them, but they weren't interested. They just wanted to sit and play on their Nintendos and text each other on their phones. I made mocktails, which they enjoyed mixing together. It was fun and I bought plastic glasses in fancy shapes. I set up a cocktail bench and they kept most of the mess in one place. I had bottles of schloer, orange juice and strawberry krusha around the house for yonks after smile Helped them get their 5 a day too with lots of fruit. I'm worrying about what my precocious nearly 12 year old will be looking for this year!

NorksAreMessy Wed 10-Oct-12 17:56:02

Hello blimppy
I am a jewellery making tutor and do 100s of parties like this. I turn up with a million beads and earring stuff and wire and ribbon and etc etc and we play.
If you are near, I could come to you, or I could help with supplies

blimppy Thu 11-Oct-12 12:10:22

Thanks for the responses. Sounds like it shouldn't be as terrifying as I was thinking! And I'll definitely be keeping any nail varnish/makeup well away from my carpets - it can stay in the kitchen where we have vinyl!

FernieB Thu 11-Oct-12 13:45:45

They entertain themselves pretty much. When mine turned 11 we had a sleepover for 10 girls. They had pizza and then rooted through my DD's DVD collection and decided themselves what to watch. The only activities I organised were T-shirt painting (got some cheap plain white tees and fabric pens) and a pinata. It was a great success.

This year they had 5 friends round for a BBQ lunch. They entertained themselves - I only saw them to feed them!

mumnosbest Thu 11-Oct-12 13:58:07

My dn had a pj party. Everyone xame in pjs, slippers, teddies and blankets. They ate pizza, watched films, ate popcorn then all but 2 went home. The other 2 slept over. They also had a game of pass the parcel and loved it. The prize was a booby prize pair of silly ears that had to be worn for the remainder of the party and each layer contained a forfeit, e.g draw red cheeks with lipstick on your face, wear your pjs back to front.

dabdab Mon 15-Oct-12 14:12:49

Mocktails work well - I just did 3 different varieties and let them work out what they wanted. Extras like maraschino cherries, slice of lemon on edge of glass, sugar dipped rim, little umbrellas etc all helped.
What about Grease for a film? (haven't seen it for yonks so not totally sure if appropriate.)

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