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Getting DS to sleep

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Darem Thu 27-Sep-12 12:36:09

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone can help!
Just moved house. DS has new bedroom. But he is struggling to GET to sleep (once alseep he is fine!) In bed and lights out by 9 but still awake at 11:30.
He waits until my husband and I are going to bed and then falls asleep.
He says he is scared, noises etc (downside of a good imagination!)
Any advice would be appreciated! He is developing huge bags under his eyes and very tired. Doctor prescribed sleeping tablets but I really don't want to use them.

pennefab Thu 27-Sep-12 21:42:32

We had similar experience when moved in Aug. At least had a couple weeks to get used to prior to start of school.

We let our DS sleep where-ever in our home he wanted for first couple weeks ... Couches, chairs, his bed, etc. finally, he decided to sleep in his bed pretty exclusively. Not making an issue of it.

But, school days, trying to put 8:30 bedtime in practice (Yr 4). in reality, he's settled in bed, cuddling me by 8:45-9:00. Listen to stories on iPod or DH or I reading. Usually sound asleep by 9:30. I'd prefer he were sound asleep by 8:30, but he insists that as a big boy, bedtime should be later, ergo long process.

Good luck!

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