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Has anyone taken child to see hypnotherapist or child psychologist?

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Samconteg Tue 25-Sep-12 12:48:25

Hello, i'm new to this but my 11 year old daughter is having a few anxieties that seem to be getting worse over the years. She choked on a gob stopper when she was 8 and I think these anxieties have got worse since then, she still can't talk about it. The latest is she won't fly to Spain and we have a holiday booked in October, she's always been nervous flying but she's refusing to travel this time. I was thinking maybe a hypnotherapist or child psychologist? Any advise would be good?

MrsRobertDuvallHasRosacea Tue 25-Sep-12 12:54:26

D is 16 and has ocd and other anxieties.
She very successfully had CBT to get her on a 24 hour coach journey with school....she had a phobia about others being sick, and she managed to do the journey after about 6 lots of CBT.
She also had hypnotherapy but wasn't as responsive..I think it was because she didn't gel with the therapist.

Dd won't go on holiday with ds so we no longer have family holidays.

Jakadaal Thu 27-Sep-12 18:47:36

My DD is 10 and is under a psychologist (she has SEN). She is about to start with a child psychotherapist to deal with anxiety and confidence issues as well as her emotional development. It may be worth having a word with your GP or school nurse who may suggest a referral to CAMHS just for initial assessment. IME they usually like to work with parents first on parenting strategies for dealing with anxieties - it has taken my DD 2 years of being in the system to get near any direct therapeutic intervention herself.

suedub5 Thu 27-Sep-12 23:57:01

Hiya my son went to CAMHS a few years ago when he was in yr3 having problems at school. He got really upset hitting himself on the head and was saying he wanted to die. He is a really bright child and felt he was worthless the teacher he had at the time didnt help she was useless and there was alot of changes in the family I lost my job and was unwell with recurring back problems and depression. They were great and it really helped him get his confidence back and gave him tools to help when he was feeling bad. It was the best thing for him now he is happy and full of self-confidence. So i would advise any parent who thinks there kids need that extra support and help to go to there GP. Sometimes your child needs help from people who are able to look at things from the outside and the also dont want to hurt your feelings. Go for it and good luck it can only give you a happier and healthier child back.

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