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my 6 year old hasnt settled in at new school

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2girlsandaboy Fri 14-Sep-12 09:52:21

My daughters changed school at easter as we moved house. My eldest has settled in really well and made friends with half the school, but my 6 year old (who is only a year younger than her sister) is struggling. She has no friends and when she asks other kids if she can play they say no. Its quite upsetting to see her come home each day and cry because she has 'had a bad day'. My eldest always looks out for her sister and will play with her when she sees her, but she went up to Juniors this year so now they see less of each other. My 6 year old used to be so confident, but this seems to have knocked her. She is quite happy to play on her own sometimes, but she wants friends and i dont know how to help her make them. Any advice?

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