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please tell me this will stop soon

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numptymark1 Sat 08-Sep-12 19:23:14

11yo DD has come home everynight this week in a right mood, snappy and teary

I've been having to prize her out of bed and she has been having early nights

she has been fine at school (as in keeping her head down and not complaining) but she has been a nightmare

she has been moaning on and off of belly ache all week and today is being all droopy and pathetic if you know what I mean

I'm not sure if she is low grade poorly accompanied by the tiredness of the first week back at school or if this is hormone related

I've done the whole asking if she is worried about anything, she seems to be getting on ok at school so I think this is physical

but it's obviously no fun being her and it's not much fun being her mum at the minute either


Panadbois Sat 08-Sep-12 19:38:51

I feel your pain. My DD , 12, has turned into an ungrateful rude monster! But she's not getting away with it as I pull her up on it every time.

And after months of belly aches, her period finally came this Wednesday, on the first day back at school, bless her, so she had a sympathetic mum for a change!

numptymark1 Sat 08-Sep-12 19:41:14

oh she's not rude she knows better than that just very emotional and not what you would call chatty

getting anything other than a grunt or a noncommital noise is hard

oh -just realised that is rude? but she isn't back chatting or shouting at me like I have seen her friends do to their mums

CeliaFate Mon 10-Sep-12 08:07:34

Trips in the car are good for talking about stuff. As is asking her to keep a diary (but don't read it!) so she can vent/write about her problems.
Keep talking, try not to take it personally.

Ninjahobbit Sun 23-Sep-12 10:53:46

I also have very moody preeteen and am noticing when she is worse that it also is when she has belly ache (no period yet but defo the horemones and signs)

maybe a hot water bottle for her tummy and give her some space, I point out to my DD when she is being moody that its not nice to talk to me/be nasty to me and I wont engage with her while she is being like this. I do say that I think its her horemones but that doesnt give her the right to be like this. I often find leaving her alone and letting her go on facebook etc seems to settle her down for about 5 minutes somewhat.

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