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Do daughters start their periods at similar age as parents?

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Lottie4 Fri 24-Aug-12 19:39:31

If your daughter has started her periods, was it a similar age to you? I started the same age as my Mum and was speaking to some friends recently who said they all started within a year of their Mum.

diamondee Fri 24-Aug-12 19:45:25

I started a year earlier than my mum did and my dis showing signs of starting soon and more than a year younger than I was (she's only 10 sad )

diamondee Fri 24-Aug-12 19:46:06

Dd is not di

mumofjust1 Fri 24-Aug-12 19:46:27

I started at 12 and my dd started at 11

DiscoDaisy Fri 24-Aug-12 19:49:02

DD1 did.
DD2 didn't.
DD3 is about the same age but nothing yet.

coffeeandwine Fri 24-Aug-12 19:49:37

Don't have a DD, but my DM was 18 and I was 13, so a big difference.
My DM, however, was born in 1930 and I'm pretty sure puberty has accelerated since then with better diet.

ethelb Fri 24-Aug-12 19:51:31

I started mine when I was nearly 11. My sisters started at 13 which is the same as my mum. I think I follow after my dad, who was shaving daily at 14.

Feenie Fri 24-Aug-12 19:53:25

Don't have a dd - but my mum was 9 shock and I was 14 and a half, so big difference.

ebaymad Fri 24-Aug-12 19:54:13

Mum was 13

I was 13

DD1 was 13

DD2 is 12 atm but the chances are she will be 13 when her periods start

thenightsky Fri 24-Aug-12 20:03:39

pretty much the same in our family... all 13 so far.

Dumbledoresgirl Fri 24-Aug-12 20:08:26

My mum (also born in the 30s) started age 9 which I found pretty shock when she told me.

I was 13.

DD is currently 12. I am not sure what signs to look out for, but I wouldn't say she was on the cusp of it yet though she has started boobs.

snickers251 Fri 24-Aug-12 20:12:15

My mum started at 16, I was 10! X

AmaraDresden Fri 24-Aug-12 20:18:52

My mum was coming up to 10 and I was 12.

amillionyears Fri 24-Aug-12 20:22:15

one yes,one years earlier

TiggerWearsATriteSmile Fri 24-Aug-12 20:24:07

My mother was 18 when she started. I was 14 almost 15 really. So late in comparison to peers but not as late as mother

crazynanna Fri 24-Aug-12 20:26:04

I was 11

DD1 was 13

DD2 is 14 and absolutely no sign yet

ivykaty44 Fri 24-Aug-12 20:32:11

it could be linked to higher meat diets

OhThisIsJustGrape Fri 24-Aug-12 20:32:13

I started on my first day at high school - what shit timing! My periods have continued in the same vein, arriving at every inappropriate moment ever since!

So, I was 12.2 and DD started when she was 12.4 so pretty much exactly the same age.

For those watching for signs - DD had very little in the boobage department before starting, and still doesn't have much 6 months later. I'm very small busted though so I guess she takes after me. She did have a major increase in discharge though for around 3 or 4 months leading up to them starting (I only noticed this when washing her clothes - I didn't go looking for it).

I have no idea how old my mother was but my sister was also 12 when she started.

ArielThePiraticalMermaid Fri 24-Aug-12 20:37:05

I was 13, my sis was 13 and mum was...wait for it....13.

I have no daughters.

QuickLookUsainBolt Fri 24-Aug-12 20:37:53

I was 14

Dd1 was 15
Dd2 was 14

ZZZenAgain Fri 24-Aug-12 20:38:33

no, not in our case, I was 14, dd much younger, no idea about my mum

MrsJREwing Fri 24-Aug-12 20:40:50

I was 12.1

My Mum was 15

dd1 14.3
dd2 hasnt started and is now older than I was when I started.

HarrietJonesPrimeMinister Fri 24-Aug-12 20:47:04

I was 8.
Dd1 -12
Dd2- 11 and no sign

MrsJREwing Fri 24-Aug-12 20:58:18

I think periods come once a full bush has appeared. Well that has been how things happened for us.

WinkyWinkola Fri 24-Aug-12 21:56:07

My mum was 17. I was 17 too.

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