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Stressing and worrying so much about my Y7 DD :(

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Mumof3beautifulchildren Fri 16-Sep-11 14:37:46

I have suffered depression and panic attacks for several years. this has seemed to have amplifeid since my DD started seniors 2 weeks ago. I find am getting stressed and over worried aboout everything! My dd is a lovely, well behaved, polite girl and she had to put up with a few not so nice girls in primary school and she told me that when she got to seniors she wasnt going to hang around with them anymore, and true to her word, shes stuck with this and she has met some other girls since starting but I find myself worrying that she will make lasting friendships e.t.c. My daughter prefers to be at home with us than play out and doesn't do all the social networking things everyone else seems to be doing and am worried that she will push friendships away as this is what everyone seems to be doing now. I know I should be happy because of the way she is but I still worry!

I feel like ive just rambled on now and not made sense lol. Just want to be reasurred that she will be ok. She's really happy at school and buckles down to her homework and basically want to be good and stay on track with things.


takeonboard Fri 16-Sep-11 22:01:30

I really understand how you feel. My DS is a male version of your daughter he also had problems (bullying) at primary and has moved to a secondary school without anyone from his primary - deliberately. He is very positive, working hard and after only 2 weeks is happy. But I feel the panic rise when I see him at the end of the day and dread anything going wrong or any disagreements (which are only natural after all) with anyone.

I don't know how to help if I did I would have cured my self of this too! But I didn't want your post to go unanswered and i'm sure lots of people will be along with good advice soon. All I do know is our kids have had a hard time which they haven't deserved and yet they are still positive and really determined to make this fresh start work - we should be proud and learn from them!

Hope school continues to be a happy place for both our DC's then perhaps we will relax and be happy again.

Mumof3beautifulchildren Fri 16-Sep-11 23:35:26

Thank you very much, its very reasurring to know that am not the only one experiencing or feeling the same way! She just really loves her family around her and even though she has made new friends, she would at the minute rather be with us. I suppose I should cherish it because one day it might be gone lol.

Thank you so much again for replaying smile xxx

Mrsfluff Tue 20-Sep-11 07:52:53

My DD has just started senior school as well. She's settling in well and making friends, but apart from Guides, doesn't socialise with friends out of school. It worries me a little bit, but my DH reassures me he was the same at that age ( I wasn't). I'm just trying to accept that she's very happy in her own company and that of her family - I'm sure it will soon all change smile

Mumof3beautifulchildren Tue 20-Sep-11 21:49:59

Thanks for replying, yeah like your DD , ours is very close to us all and prefers our company. I actually remember being like that myself at that age and never went out at all until I was about 16 but still had some really good friends smile . I know friendships change as they get older and they meet new people. She's not worried in the slightest so I suppose I should take her lead. After all its her life and I see far to many parents wanting their children to grow up really quickly. I should be happy that she still wants and loves to spend time with us! Thanks again xx

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