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Do I get cropped vests?

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chicaguapa Sun 14-Aug-11 09:14:04

DD is going into y5 in Sept and will be 10 in October. She's developing but has no noticeable breast buds yet, though you can see they are changing.

I was buying uniform in M&S yesterday and wondered whether to ditch the vests for the cropped ones? DD has not asked to wear them and whilst I definitely don't want to make her grow up too early, she's a young nearly 10 (compared to others in her class) and has so little awareness of her body I feel I need to be aware for her.

I try to insist that she wears a vest on PE days and have even explained why, but she either forgets or takes her vest off with her top anyway. So she's not ready really, but I don't know if I should be helping her. WWYD?

HarrietJones Sun 14-Aug-11 09:28:00

Ask her if she wants crop tops?

SageMist Sun 14-Aug-11 20:12:09

I think that as your DD hasn't already asked you should wait until she does.

When DD (age 9) started to get sore and itchy nipples, she and I made a special journey to go and get what she wanted. It was lovely having a grown up (ish) conversation about bras. DD made it quite plain that she will not wear vests of any sort. She asked for cropped tops (sort of sporty things with quite thick straps) as a friend of hers had told her that these were more secure than cropped strappy tops. This made me laugh as she hasn't got anything that could fall out.

She is much happier having chosen what she wanted.

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