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Dd1's anxiety about starting secondary school

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CeliaFate Mon 18-Jul-11 09:14:32

I understand she's scared, nervous, anxious, apprehensive. But her behaviour is ATROCIOUS! This morning she slapped her brother on his bare shoulder, leaving a red hand print. She's cheeky, lazy, rude and obstructive. I have threatened to book her into a summer playscheme as I cannot bear the thought of 6 weeks' worth of the kind of weekend I've just endured.
She says she "can't help herself" when she lashes out. I say that's rubbish, as she manages to not hit me, her dad, her teacher, her friends etc. She's a perfect pupil at school, but she's starting to be a nightmare at home.
What do you do if and when your dc hit? We've never smacked them, we give an age-appropriate punishment, but this behaviour is on-going.

jshibbyr Sat 06-Aug-11 19:03:19

i know the smacking might be an issue, but if the underlying issue is due to starting secondary school maybe try to prepare her for school with a new pencil case, pens, bag ect just so she feels more prepared and comfortable when it comes to the begining of term, also share ur secondary school experiences so she feels reassured
good luck

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