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please educate me on the world of crop tops for developing dd...

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lucykate Sat 14-May-11 10:38:37

dd is 9, and has begun to develop. at the moment it's a cross between puppy fat and breast buds, and now that it's becoming quite noticeable, she's feeling self conscious when it comes to getting changed for pe.

are those crop tops (short vest things) they way to go?

lexcat Sat 14-May-11 12:33:36

Dd had tender nipples when they stared growing so I brought her crop tops plus she was feeling a little embarrassed about them showing when changing for PE or games at school. Really helped to stop her clothes rubbing and she'll wear them if she feeling at all tender. As for the changing the other girls use to tease her, why I'm not sure. Not nice as other girls have been seen wearing crop tops and have also been teased.

It's a really hard one has dd just 10 is now not far off growing out of the crop tops but when do you move to bras, plus will she get teased for them too. Dd school shirts are very light weigh and I personally would prefer her in a bra and not showing her growing bust to everyone.

TheVisitor Sat 14-May-11 12:36:12

Definitely crop tops. There'll already be a couple of girls in her class wearing them.

lucykate Sat 14-May-11 14:32:17

thanks smile

dd doesn't like vests, says they make her too hot, but would wear a crop top. there is a girl in her class who already wears them and she doesn't get teased about it, so i guess the ice has been broken on the subject at school.

FrameyMcFrame Sun 15-May-11 18:09:13

DD wears crop tops at school, she's yr 5. I think just about all the girls in her class do so it's the done thing.
She forgets to put it on at weekends though...

I got some nice ones from M&S and H&Ms too.

donnie Sun 15-May-11 18:12:50

my dd is 10 this year and I am also thinking about this ! I was looking at the M&S crop tops the other day. Sounds like they are the way to go. I noticed M&S also had padded bras for developing girls size 32 AA which freaked me out a bit, surely they would make you look like you had a lot more than you actually do. My dd is quite self conscious about her body as well.

tibni Sun 15-May-11 18:15:52

I found new look good for crop tops / first bras. They do have a light padding but this stops the nipples showing.

ChishAndFips Sun 15-May-11 18:17:27

M & S did some nice ones which my two DDs wore, probably from end of year 5 (until needing actual bras, obviously). My youngest is 18 so a while ago now, but I'd still try there first. Always good value stuff too, I find. Lots of girls in their classes wore them and there wasn't any teasing. Sorry your DD got teased lexcat don't know why children can be so cruel sometimes. Needing to wear a bra/crop top is hardly unusual!

bigdonna Mon 16-May-11 13:30:33

my dd wore crop tops in yr5,yr6 then when i thought she needed more support i bought a couple of bras from BHS size 28aa,asda also do some bras in that size but didnt have much support.

startail Wed 22-Jun-11 01:31:40

Apologies I've posted this before , but it may help. DD1 wears the M&S padded bras. I didn't like her looking more developed than she was, but she said they were far and away the most supportive and comfortable for painful new breasts
She's now 13 and asking for cooler unpadded ones for summer. She now looks grown up in anything < sad at how quick they grow up emocicon>

DD2 10 likes cropped tops in summer and vests sometimes if it's cold.

HarrietJones Wed 22-Jun-11 07:47:41

Asda has packs of 5 in the knocker bit at the moment. Quite cheap but some are pink. I got dd1/2 some last week & went all over looking for some

piratecat Sun 10-Jul-11 20:23:59

those M&S ones linked too, are tiny! I got my dd a pack of two and had to buy the age 12, and they were too tight. dd is a skinny thing too, i will have to take them back.

mathanxiety Mon 18-Jul-11 18:40:58

I got a two pack of slightly padded bras for DD4 who will be 10 soon. They are quite sporty, go on over her head, and she finds them comfortable. She wasn't a bit self conscious about changing, wandering around half naked looking for clothes after her shower, etc., but I thought it was time all the same.

Loveleopardprint Mon 29-Aug-11 09:58:27

My dd is a size 34a and gets teased for wearing bras at school too! We like the crop tops from primark, they come in black and white in sets of two for £4. They wash really well too. (in ladies dept)

Theas18 Mon 05-Sep-11 12:24:28

M+S do crop top/bra hybrids for those a bit more busty- they have a bit of cup shaping but no padding etc. For those who need a proper bra but soft, especially with a small back size John Lewis were the only place (DD is still a 28 back and had them at a 28C size).

DD2 had big boobs by 10 really and resisted the padded cups for ages (don't blame her) but actually she realised they were more reassuring eventually- no nipples on display and the shape was that of the bra - she could kind of kid herself it wasn't her.

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