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Isn't 2.1 a bit young to be going to preschool?

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RGPargy Thu 12-Nov-09 17:03:13

Title says it all really!! DD has been offered a place at preschool to start in mid-January, when she will be 2.1. I would like to know a) if 2.1 is a bit young b) what do they do at preschool and c) is it compulsory to take them to preschool?

I would much rather wait until DD is a bit older before i send her off to preschool. She goes to the creche at the gym two mornings a week when i go off to exercise and she's not very keen to go, most of the time..... I'd hate for her then to be chucked over to a preschool for an afternoon too!


Hulababy Thu 12-Nov-09 17:06:42

Preschool is not compulsary. No education is compulsary until the child turns 5.

What they do at preschool depends ont he setting. It is supposed to be preparing them for school, so may involve a little bit of learning activities such as letters and numbers and circle time, but it is predominatly playing and craft.

For some children 2y1m is too young, for others not so. Depends on individuals.

purpleturtle Thu 12-Nov-09 17:07:01

DS1 did one session a week at pre-school from when he turned 2. That was mainly because I had to drag him away every day when we dropped his older sister off!

I don't think pre-school is compulsory at all.

tvaerialmagpiebin Thu 12-Nov-09 17:08:21

It's not compulsory at all, no. The term after she is 3 you will be eligible for 12.5 (or 15 depending where you live) hours of pre-school, ina nursery, playgroup or other setting, but you don't have to take it up.

My ds started one morning a week at 2.3 and he was fine with it, it was a special session for ones under 3 so there were no big ones barging the littlies about.

Have you had her name down for somewhere? wondered how come you have been offered a place?

CatIsSleepy Thu 12-Nov-09 17:08:25

yes it is a bit young and no it's not compulsory at all. You could probably defer the place if you want.

dd1 has just started, she is 3.5-thought that was the normal sort of age

purpleturtle Thu 12-Nov-09 17:10:54

DS2 is currently at pre-school. He plays outside, bosses other children about plays dragons/firefighters/whatever else he can think of with other children, occasionally paints a picture, listens to stories and song time, plays with toys...

He only started in September, and turned 3 in August, so that's pretty much all he needs for now.

RGPargy Thu 12-Nov-09 17:11:24

Hmmm, thanx. Think i will ask if i can defer her place for 6 months or so. I dont think she's really ready for that yet. I think she is just about getting used to the gym!

RGPargy Thu 12-Nov-09 17:13:31

Lankyalto - yes, I put DD's name down at our local group on the recommendation of a neighbour.

I think i will definitely defer her place - maybe even for a year, going on the replies i've had about going when they're 3!

tvaerialmagpiebin Thu 12-Nov-09 17:18:34

When ds started at 2.3 we were told it was fine to stay with him as long as he needed. Some parents were there every time, some like ds were quite happy. Maybe your group would let you do that? do you take her to any other toddler groups?

Hulababy Thu 12-Nov-09 17:20:01

TBH, ime, preschool is not unlike what nurseries do, and many childrn start in nurseries from much much younger.

So, it is entirely up to you and your child.

claireybepositive Thu 12-Nov-09 17:28:37

DD's preschool will only take them aged 2.10 but maybe hers is a bit more school like than others as they do sit down and do lessons in small groups. DS is the same age as your dd and I wouldn't send him yet even if they would take him.

My main concern actually would be them getting bored with going to the same setting for that long but again that would depend on the preschool and whether they have different classes and activities for the younger ones

RGPargy Thu 12-Nov-09 22:00:00

Lanky - i do take her occassionally to a play group where i stay and play with her (as do all the parents there). She also goes to a creche twice a week for 1.5 to 2 hours each time, while i work out at the gym so she's getting used to me not being there.

On reflection, i dont think she will be ready to go to preschool by January so i'm going to defer her place for a while.

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