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CheerfulYank Tue 10-Nov-09 02:18:28

I know this thread has probably been done to death, but what are people's experiences with Waldorf education?

mathanxiety Tue 10-Nov-09 02:39:47

Look up threads on Steiner ed here. Nobody is neutral.

CheerfulYank Tue 10-Nov-09 02:46:56

I'm not good at looking things up. I'm so lazy/inept I just start a thread Do I just do a search?

I think Waldorf is very interesting and a nice concept BUT...well, you know. A bit out of touch with rl. If you see what I mean!

captainpig Tue 10-Nov-09 13:49:00

Log in, click on purple advanced search button, type Steiner into 'find messages that contain these words' box, hit search. If there are hundreds then you can specify a from and to date to search between. HTH.

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