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sounds silly but need advice on lost specs at nursery

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allok Wed 04-Nov-09 18:56:34

OK, collected ds from preschool - a teacher pointed out that he may have lost his specs.

DS refuses to talk about this. I'm not angry but it would be unlike him to misplace them. He's either lost or broken them or someone has taken them.

They are a new prescription and we only had his specs repaired last week so I'm going to have to pay for a replacement.

If he told me what happened I could either call the nursery and say can their janitor have a hunt for them - leave it a week before ordering new ones, or if it was a child who took them, just tell the nursery to see if any of the kids know where they are - or if they are broken - heck I'll just fork out for a new pair now.

Silly thing but if it's someone who's taking them they will take them again and quite honestly I don't have the cash to keep getting new ones!

I've been very light about this as ds is a clam up type of kid - but I'd like to know - also if he doesn't tell me anything this aint great for when he starts school proper and if he has any problems.

To date it's 'Charlie and Lola took them' to a boy took them but gave them back, to a boy put them in a rocket to the moon.

How do you get your little ones to 'fess up?

Pippinella Wed 04-Nov-09 19:03:34

Hey there, don't stress about it. Just phone the eye clinic and explain, they will be able to post you a new prescription. All children are entitled to free glasses, you shouldn't have to fork out anything. ( I work in this field)

LynetteScavo Wed 04-Nov-09 19:03:54

I don't know how you get little ones to fes up...but I do know the pain of getting through lots of pairs of glasses. sad

I can only advise you choose free glasses, or you will ending up spening a small fortune. It's also a good idea to have a spare pair for occations like this.

I would ask the nursery to have a good hunt for them. If another child has taken then home, hopfully their parent will find them and send them back to nursery.

It sounds like her genuinly doens't really know what happened to them.

allok Wed 04-Nov-09 19:22:10

Oh, I've just had this one repaired and we get one pair repaire and then have to pay - I'm assuming you get one free pair per prescription and then have to pay until you you get a prescription pair!

Ds knows OK but won't say - I'm not angry as I'm amazed he's gone almost two years without issues (expect one repair). But I don't want this to be a habit.

So do I get lots of free replacement pairs of specs then? Or is there some kind of insurance I can get?

LynetteScavo Wed 04-Nov-09 19:31:23

When we used a small idependant opticians we had to pay for each pair..only the first lenses were free, so I took out insurance.

Now we use Vission express. All lenses are free...and when you get through 10 pairs pa it's a godsend. VE let you have another pair the same as your last...and you pay how ever much the frames are, or you can choose a free pair.

Reception year was the worst for DS is 10 we probably only get through 2 or 3 pairs a year.

sazm Wed 04-Nov-09 19:34:54

shouldnt matter how many pairs you go through tbh.,
my dd started wearing glasses at 11m,she was still crawling and lost/broke them all the time,in the first few months we went through about 20 pairs,
unless you have chosen from the more expensive range you wont have to pay,

we were with specsavers btw,

allok Wed 04-Nov-09 19:47:16

Oh - thanks for that - we went to an independent as it took 6 months to try and get ds into an opticians so the hospital recopmmended this private practice who were great and managed to get him into a pair - he's a bit older now so I'm going to go ti VE now!

purepurple Thu 05-Nov-09 07:31:04

From somebody who works in a nursery, I would say ask them to have a good look.
There is no way that you can get children to 'fess up. They simoply have a different idea of the truth than we do.
If the nursey has a newsletter, ask them to put a piece in asking everyone to check whether they were taken home by accident.
Also ask them to put a note up some where conspicious, like the front door or parents notice board.
You never know, they might yurn up.

littleducks Thu 05-Nov-09 07:37:34

I think you are being a bit harsh saying he know but won't tell, sometimes i ask dd stuff ask preschool and she genuinely doesnt know as she has forgotten with all the fun going on

If the teachers were quizzing him too he prob feels awkward as everyone wants to know and he cant tell them the right answer

You could try the ice creamtrick, get him all relaxed and distracted, with a bowl of iuce cream and a book then ask casually and see if you get an answer, if you are convinced he does know

allok Fri 06-Nov-09 18:16:58

Oh - I emailed the nursery that night and get a call the next morning - they've turned up hurrah - in the outside sandpit. We go in the afternoon - but they are badly scratched which means they can't really be worn so I've ordered a new pair - very happy they turned up.

TBH ds never takes them off so I reckon they were snatched, he snatched them back and I reckon he ran off and dropped them.

This stuff happens and I'm
1. going to save the frames
2. switch to specsavers!!

Many thanks

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