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dd loved preschool now doesn't want to go??

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mum2becks Tue 03-Nov-09 21:02:09

Hope someone can give some advice please, dd started preschool at the beginning of October and after a few tears on first day she has enjoyed going and even asked to go at the weekends! But something has changed since going back after half term, she came home yesterday with a fat lip at one side, says she fell when playing outside so thought nothing more of it.

Then this morning she said she didn't want to go, then we got a phone call after she had only been there half an hour saying she was very distressed and upset could we collect her, the teacher didn't know why she was like this. We have now had real problems at bedtime says she doesn't want to go back and has got herself really upset, we have tried asking her what is upsetting her, has something happened etc but she is only 3 and just says I don't know!

Any ideas what could have caused such a change? dh is going to speak the teacher when he takes her tomorrow but I feel really sad for her as she was enjoying it so much before!!

Lizzylou Wed 04-Nov-09 10:54:01

DS2 was the same, after a girl scratched his face (she was a year younger than him and tiny, her Mother was mortified). He just seemed to associate preschool with getting hurt.
He is fine now.
I would definitely speak to the staff, it sounds like something has happened that has affected her.

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